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Pediatric Dentistry

Helping young people feel good about themselves starting with a smile. This is the motivation that led Veronica Bracchetti to become one of the first Italian doctors certified in America with the Roth system, one of the most accredited in the field of international orthodontics. A mission that comes from the heart of Veronica, who grew up among ceramics and orthodontic pliers, breathing the air of tradition combined with innovation in the family dental practice started by grandfather Guido and brought to excellence by her father Adriano.

Because a beautiful smile is not only a manifestation, but also the origin of our well-being.

Dr. Veronica Bracchetti Doctor of Dentistry and Dental Prosthetics, with a Master in Oral Biology and Specialization in Orthodontics from Northwestern University of Chicago, Veronica Bracchetti is also a specialist in Orthodontics at the University of Milan .

From the earliest age to adulthood, Dr. Veronica Bracchetti takes care of her patients' smiles, with the aim of guaranteeing their harmony and aesthetic balance.

The term Pedodontics identifies the branch of dentistry that deals with the care of deciduous dental elements from the first years of life, where care means the maintenance of the element in the arch up to at the time foreseen by the exchange, that is the physiological exfoliation (the fall - ed). For this purpose, the element must be kept healthy and cared for where it is expensive.

Pedodontics is therefore closely linked to prevention , by which we mean the set of procedures to prevent the formation of caries on deciduous teeth. This occurs through:

  • protocols aimed at strengthening and protecting the dental elements themselves (sealings );
  • the removal of the dental pulp limited to the part contained in the crown, leaving the root part intact ( pulpotomy ) and reconstruction of deciduous teeth; composite fillings
  • teaching correct habits and techniques of home oral hygiene and illustrating to children and parents how to adopt a correct diet and maintain adequate dietary habits; < / li>
  • the scheduling of periodic checks by the dentist to check oral hygiene and exchange.

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First pedodontic visit


We usually go to the dentist for the first time when a problem has already arisen, such as tooth decay, toothache, or trauma. There is nothing more wrong that doing this.

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Caries prevention


Due to poor oral hygiene or poor eating habits we see the onset of tooth decay at this age and even in younger children. One of the most common causes of tooth decay is giving babies milk or fruit drinks before going to bed. Sugar remains on the teeth overnight causing tooth decay in both anterior and posterior teeth. It is also common to observe hypocalcification spots on permanent teeth (white spots) and the identification of defects in the development of the enamel of permanent teeth, problems that can be identified and addressed in our pediatric dentistry department.

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Oral hygiene and Fluoroprophylaxis


Enamel is the tooth's protective shield; strong enamel is the main weapon against the development of caries. Saliva takes about 20 minutes to neutralize acids and protect teeth. Consuming  candies and sweets throughout the day makes the action of saliva insufficient and increases the exposure of the teeth to acid attack, which corrode the enamel and give rise to caries.

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Minor Surgery


Although the most common association between dentist and pediatric age is that with orthodontic appliances, it is not uncommon for us dentists to resort to non-invasive minor surgery in children. Thanks to this, we can correct many ailments or prevent worse ones in view of a later period.

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Dental emergencies in children


What happens if baby teeth are decayed? Milk teeth are very important for the health of permanent teeth. If damaged and/ or removed they compromise the function, position and aesthetics of the permanent teeth and there will be repercussions in the occlusion.

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Official DSD Certified Clinic Digital Smile Design

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The clinical team lead by Guido and Veronica Bracchetti is committed to this work because they love to take on difficult challenges. They are passionate about doing their job well and prioritize precision and details. They are highly motivated and prepared to exceed expectations and achieve excellent results for patients. This often means they face clinical situations and problems which other dentists have not been able to resolve. The goal of the clinical team is to go beyond patients expectations and give them even better results than what they originally requested.


For our patients from all over Europe, punctuality is of paramount importance.


We make the dentist experience very positive with cutting-edge protocols and technologies

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Thousands of documented cases to ensure maximum experience even in disaster recovery situations


State-of-the-art diagnostics combined with specialized personnel to achieve excellence in the dental treatments offered


We have qualified personnel to provide logistical support in every phase of the treatment.


The Bracchetti Dental Practice is the reference point for the research and development of the best solutions on the continent

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