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Dental Aesthetics

Dental aesthetics deals with all those elements that contribute to the beauty of the patient's smile and face, therefore not only the teeth, but also involves the lips, gums and the bone structure of the jaw. This means that when it comes to dental aesthetics, a wide range of services are included that also touch very different fields of medicine.

As far as aesthetic reconstruction is concerned, it refers to the reconstruction of a tooth or of more teeth which, due to an injury or due to the degeneration of a pathology, have lost their original characteristics, or even to a correction of the smile of a mainly aesthetic nature, modifying its color, shape or position in an extremely conservative way. Seeing aesthetic defects due to a missing space in the teeth, or a strong discoloration, especially in the case of anterior teeth, can cause great inconvenience, which is why it is advisable to intervene as soon as possible.

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Official Digital Smile Design

DSD Digital SMile design ufficale Milano

Digital Smile Design (DSD) is an innovative and highly technological approach in the field of aesthetic dentistry which allows you to plan and implement personalized dental treatments, such as implants, aesthetic veneers and orthodontics, with very valid results.

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SorrisoMilano® the Esthetic Protocol by Studio Bracchetti



UA healthy and beautiful smile is an extremely important asset for a person. It's a sign of self-esteem, beauty, well-being, and success. And this is even more crucial in a city like Milan, always at the forefront of fashion, modernity, technology, and lifestyle, where time and quality are its pillars.

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Aesthetic dental veneers


Is having a pleasant and attractive smile possible without resorting to oral surgery and without invasive prosthetic treatments? Thanks to the latest generation technologies in the dental field, the answer is yes.

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Professional Whitening


Dental Whitening is a procedure that improves the color of your teeth, making them whiter. It can take place 'in-office' ( chairside on vital and non-vital teeth) or at home. Dental whitening is not a simple "cosmetic" treatment, but is used to resolve dental discolorations due to systemic pathologies or following the outcome of therapies with some types of antibiotics.

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Conservative dentistry


Conservative dentistry mainly deals with the treatment of dental caries. Its purpose, as the name suggests, is to maintain (preserve) the teeth affected by caries by first eliminating the decayed tissue and then restoring shape, function and also the original aesthetics of the dental elements.

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Full Ceramic Prosthesis

Chirurgia orale Milano

When the time comes for dentures, patients are led to think that they will be forced to wear unnatural-looking prostheses and that eating will become a nightmare.

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Aesthetic prosthetic reconstruction


The philosophy of the Bracchetti Dental Clinic is primarily the search for patient well-being.  That's why, after a visit with us, the first thing we will report will be any caries or inflammatory processes. But no less important, a check on whether or not functional and aesthetic reconstructions are necessary, fundamental for the patient's physical and mental well-being.

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Caries Care


Caries is an inflammatory phenomenon that affects the outermost part of the tooth (enamel and dentin) and is mainly caused by the presence of bacteria in the oral cavity.

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Official DSD Certified Clinic Digital Smile Design

While some clinics claim to offer digital smile design, only DSD clinics have got their official certification and can guarantee dental treatments that restore health and happiness. Book your appointment to find out what it means to have great dentistry.

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