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Maxillary sinus lift

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The maxillary sinuses are the largest of the paranasal sinuses, that is, the empty cavities, covered by Schneider's membrane which are located in correspondence with the molars of the upper arch.

They are responsible for warming the air after inhalation and maintaining the right humidity before it reaches the lungs. Before performing an implant operation it may be necessary to perform the sinus lift, that is a bone graft that increases the amount of bone in the area.

What is a sinus lift?

During the course of life, the maxillary sinus undergoes a process of increasing expansion until it reaches full maturity, but when one of the molars falls and is not immediately replaced, the maxillary sinus has the necessary "space" to expand further, to the detriment of the thickness of the bone in that area.

Additionally, due to different factors including progressing age, the jaw bone will thin further, making it necessary to have a bone graft when it is decided to proceed with the implant for the replacement of the tooth or teeth.

When the specialist finds the need to intervene, you can proceed with the sinus lift operation immediately before the insertion of the implant/s or at another time. In fact, it is often necessary to proceed with the sinus lift first and then wait a few months before being able to insert the implant.

Generally the sinus lift consists of:

  • Opening a bony window through the gingiva
  • Lifting of the membrane covering the sinuses
  • Filling with bone graft (patient's bone tissue, or synthetic or animal origin) 
  • Suture the tissue

In the event that the operation is carried out in conjunction with the insertion of the implant, the same opening is often used near the bone crest (the part of the jaw where the roots of the teeth are present). >

The sinus lift operation is an operation deemed safe and with a low probability of complications, both during the operation itself and during the hospital stay. Often, before the operation begins, the patient is sedated thus making the procedure painless. The only discomfort that the patient will perceive will be in the post-operative phase where swelling and tingling arise, however, these will disappear in a short time.
Although it is a safe and effective operation, it is important to rely on experts in the sector like us at the Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan, specialists since 1930.

When maxillary sinus lift is needed

As explained above, over the years and especially following the loss of natural teeth, there is a considerable loss of height and thickness of the jaw bone. In this case, the maxillary sinus lift is an operation that allows to increase the amount of bone present in the molar area, allowing for the insertion of the implants. Therefore, before an implant, it is necessary to ensure, through examinations such as panoramic x-rays of the dental arch and CBCT tomography, the thickness of the bone in order to assess whether or not maxillary sinus surgery is necessary. This process allows you to carefully plan the intervention and then to evaluate the right length of the implants to give adequate stability.

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