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Your Orthodontic path

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The dental office secretary will be your first contact, by phone or in person. They will make an appointment and ask you to bring x-rays or any clinical documentation you already have.

The first date

You will be welcomed by our secretary who will ask you to fill out some forms on your medical and dental history, informed consent, and personal data. You will then meet with your orthodontist, who will review the documentation to make sure all necessary information is complete. The next step will be the clinical examination.

The clinical examination

This step begins with examining oral hygiene conditions, looking for signs of tooth decay, plaque and other related problems. The next step will be to check the occlusion - do you need orthodontic treatment? In this case, we will ask you to explain your orthodontic goals, which you need to know in order to make a diagnosis and prepare a treatment plan that is as accurate and targeted as possible.

How do I prepare for my first appointment?

Be sure to bring any recently taken x-rays or any details of any orthodontic treatments or dental therapies you have undergone in the past. Help us to clearly understand the goal you have in mind for orthodontic treatment. You can also take notes and write down the questions you want to ask us to allow us to be as clear as possible.

The appointment for orthodontic registrations and consultation

In this phase we take x-rays, photos of the face and teeth and take dental impressions. We could use an intraoral scanner to obtain a digital image of the dental arches. During the following appointment, i.e. the consultation, the treatment plan will be presented in all its components which will include an accurate explanation of the costs to be incurred for the entire therapeutic treatment. You can also ask the secretary any questions and evaluate the payment options, including deferred payment, offered by the clinic.

Once the treatment plan and quote have been approved, we can make your first appointment to start the treatment. Appointments during active treatment are usually made every 4-6 weeks.

How should I prepare for orthodontic treatment?

We usually recommend an appointment for hygiene before placing equipment. A thorough dental ablation is performed by our hygienist, and this is a great place to start before embarking on orthodontic treatment. You will then need to make sure that you keep your teeth clean and plaque-free throughout the duration of the treatment.

What happens when the appliances are removed?

We will schedule an appointment to remove fixed equipment and to take impressions for restraint appliances. With Invisalign, the appointment consists of removing the attachments. In both cases, the taking of the impressions is followed by an appointment the following day for the delivery of the restraint.

You can expect your teeth to feel "loose" - this is normal, as you have held them in a rigid position for a long time. But you will also be happy with your new smile and the feeling of tightening your teeth.

What can I expect from the restraint phase and my retention devices?

You will have a retention device for each treated arch, usually removable. You will have to wear them full time for a few months depending on the type of treatment undertaken and the amount of movement done.

After this period, you will only need to wear them at night and then every other night. You will gradually stop using it. An appointment will be made for the control of the restraint one month later, then every four months throughout the retention phase lasting two years; all this to monitor the success and stability of the orthodontic treatment.

How should I take care of my teeth after the treatment?

You should make sure you wear the restraint device as indicated; it will also be necessary to clean the device regularly to keep it clean. You will be given instructions on how to use it, how and when and it would be good to follow the instructions received to help keep the teeth in their new position.

What other dental treatments might I need after orthodontics?

Some patients choose to have their teeth whitened after they start enjoying their new smile.

If a broader rehabilitation of the smile was planned at the beginning of the treatment, once the orthodontic treatment is completed, the patients will proceed with the reconstructive part and will prepare crowns or aesthetic veneers on the front teeth.

In other cases it may be necessary to undergo dental implantology or the preparation of bridges or crowns in order to complete the oral rehabilitation.

Patients usually want to continue quickly with the rest of their scheduled dental treatments so that they can enjoy the final result as soon as possible, but in some cases they can postpone the continuation of additional therapies for some time.

What do patients usually say about their teeth after completing orthodontic treatment?

Patients like to see their teeth aligned and are thrilled with the final result. They often decide to whiten their teeth to brighten their new smile.

Doubts are often raised about the stability of the results. We take care to clearly explain the biological basis that make a restraint phase necessary, and we insist on the need to wear maintenance appliances, to help maintain the results achieved long term.

How can orthodontics improve your self-esteem?

Orthodontics, by helping you to get a smooth and pleasant smile, as well as more stable and functional, can help people feel more confident too. If your smile does not satisfy you, this is a relatively easy way to make a great difference in your life. Many adults live with crooked teeth for years; but now that there is much less prejudice about fixed braces and with the option to choose invisible aligners, it's easier than ever to make that change. Orthodontics is a great way to invest in yourself and get a great result.

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