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Immediate Load Implants

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Thanks to immediate loading implants we can often say goodbye to removable temporary prostheses and all the difficulties they entail both on an aesthetic and practical level. And because of the immediate loading implant technique, it is possible to insert the prosthesis on the implants immediately.  Therefore, in 24 hours patients can enjoy a great change that will positively impact not only on their quality of daily life but also their mental health.

Advantages of immediate loading implants

Immediate loading implants can greatly improve the life of the patient who is usually in an extreme condition, such as teeth that require extractions, in a short time.

The procedure consists of a minimally invasive operation, which often does not involve large cuts or detachments of the gum, and above all reduces the number of sessions to a minimum. After a small incision on the gum, titanium (or other alloys) implants are inserted into the bone which, over time, adhere to the bone thanks to the physiological mechanisms of osseointegration. This is all thanks to the quick work done by the dental technician who will make the fixed temporary prosthesis.  It will be possible to insert it in 24/48 hours. This procedure responds to the growing need of patients to reduce waiting times by managing to give them back their smile in a few hours. After 3-6 months the temporary prosthesis will be replaced by the final one.

So immediate loading implants (often associated with guided surgery) have countless advantages such as:

  • Reduction of post-operative complications (bleeding, hematoma)
  • Faster healing times
  • Better integration of the prosthesis with tissue healing 
  • Immediately visible results
  • Better stability
  • Better aesthetic results than other techniques

At the end of the work it is good to take care of the prosthesis making sure you have proper daily oral hygiene and check and clean your teeth at least twice a year. This will ensure longevity of the prosthesis and implants, and will also allow you to preserve your newfound smile for a long time.

Contraindications of immediate loading implants

Immediate loading implants have no contraindications per se, in fact this type of implant has no age limits and can also be placed on elderly patients. Rather there are cases in which, due to certain factors that we analyze below, the success rate of the operation is too low to make it recommended.
Consequently, the immediate loading implant will be contraindicated to those patients with: < / p>

  • Not enough adequate bone quantity and quality
  • Previous pathologies that would compromise its success (e.g. bruxism)
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Maxillary discrepancy 
  • Smokers (success rate below 80%) 

Although it is an operation recommended for a large number of patients, being a minimally invasive operation, it is important that it be carried out with the utmost precision in order not to run into subsequent problems. Furthermore, before starting the choice of an implant type, it is necessary that the specialist carefully evaluates your condition. In the case of an immediate load implant, it is necessary to ascertain the presence of adequate bone quantity and quality and also to verify the absence of pathologies that could compromise the success of the implant. In fact, it will be necessary to carry out a series of analyzes, such as the OTP (orthopanoramics) and the TAC (Tomographic CBCT examination), which serve to provide the data necessary to analyze the individual patient in detail, and in most cases to carry out a guided surgery. Therefore it is necessary to rely on experts with great experience in the sector such as the specialists at our Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan. For three generations we have been taking care of our patients so that they can regains their lost smile!

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