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Hygiene and Sterilization

The cutting-edge techniques of instrument sterilization and environmental sanitation (air and surfaces) used in the Bracchetti Office.

In the  Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan we use sterilization systems with certified instrumentation and quality.

A dental practice must guarantee a sanitized environment and sterile instruments in order to guarantee patient saftey.

Any place where medical procedures are carried out must necessarily eliminate any risk of contamination. A simple contamination can affect the outcome of an intervention and the health of the patient and also expose operators to risks.

The purpose of sterilizing instruments is to make the material safe for patient use. With this in mind, we dedicate time to care for our instruments every day, using validated sterilization procedures implemented by professionals, aware of the great responsibility and respectful of each step.

A validated sterilization process means that it uses specific equipment that is installed according to law. Furthermore, these machines must obviously be constantly monitored.

The entire sterilization process of the instruments involves several stages:

  1. decontamination is performed (which can be chemical or thermal)
  2. washing and maintenance is performed
  3. rinsing
  4. drying with compressed air
  5. the packaging of the equipment is carried out
  6. the actual sterilization process is performed
  7. the process is documented and approved

In order to carry out the sterilization process there are special decontamination areas that utilize the appropriate equipment.

We at Bracchetti Dental Practice have been relying for years on expert companies in the field of sanitation, decontamination and sterilization of medical instruments . These are Miele, Melag, and Hu-Friedy.  They are used ensure efficient treatment of the instruments and to provide maximum protection for both patients and our dental team.

The Thermo-disinfectors Melag and Miele are specifically used in medical and dental fields.  They are powerful and efficient machines that guarantee complete disinfection, together with specific detergents. The washer-disinfectors are specifically designed to provide programs that lead to the elimination of bacteria and viruses through the subsequent sterilization steps. They are appliances that offer different programs according to the type of instrument and washing to be carried out.

These sophisticated high quality machines allow frequent treatment without compromising the durability and quality of the materials.

Respect for the environment is also important to us. Using this appliance is eco-friendly paying attention to waste and contamination of the environment.

Regarding the sterilization of all the clinical instruments our office uses the most modern cassette system which are treated in the thermodisinfector an sterilized in autoclaves.

The Hu-Friedy Cassette System is an integrated practice instrument management system designed to keep instruments organized and intact in a flow that goes directly from sterilization to chairside and vice versa. The cassett design allows for optimal steam penetration into instruments during sterilization. 

This eliminates the cleaning and sorting of individual instruments, protects against breakage, and reduces the risk of injury of medical staff and assistants.

The rules on the sterilization process and the sanitation of the environment:

The international rules that establish how the entire process must be carried out also say that this must be performed by specially trained personnel . Furthermore, continuous monitoring must be carried out during the execution of these processes.

The office staff involved in this sterilization process must also be equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE ).  According to international guidelines PPE consists of the mask that covers the nose and face, protective goggles, protective gloves, water-repellent aprons, eye and face shields, etc.

Following these international guidelines is essential, and we at the Bracchetti Office know them well. They are in fact essential to guarantee health and safety for our patients and our operators.

Sanitation of the environment (air and surfaces).

In the Bracchetti Office we have invested in the best equipment for the sanitation of clinical and non-clinical environments  to protect our patients and our collaborators .

We are equipped with the most modern filtration and air quality control devices such as the IQAir Health Pro which eliminates airborne particles. < / p>

IQAir HyperHEPA filtration is tested and certified by independent laboratories.

The key factors to consider in the development of effective air cleaning are the filtration efficiency of contaminants and the air flow in relation to the size of the rooms to be sanitized.

Our equipment effectively filters 99.5% of harmful ultra fine pollution particles down to 0.003 microns in size. That is 10 times smaller than the size of a virus.

In addition to air filtration devices, in our studio we use equipment for the sanitization of all surfaces with the Faro multipurpose technology, for the elimination of viruses, bacteria and allergens after patients and at the end of each working day.

This technology sanitizes surfaces and instruments, combining saturated dry steam and disinfectants such as sodium hypochlorite (0.1% -0.5%), hydrogen peroxide (0.5%) and other hospital-use disinfectants recommended against coronaviruses SARS and MERS in compliance with Ministerial Circular 0005443 - 22/02/2020.

The jet of this equipment allows you to create a protective and sanitizing film with immediate and lasting action on every surface eliminating viruses and bacteria and can be used several times a day.

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