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General treatments

Tradition and innovation come together in a single path and that is why we guarantee a completely handmade and precise processing, combined with the most modern CAD-CAM digital technology thanks to some of the best exponents, who have been working with us for years, from the Shigeo Kataoka School of Dental Ceramics, a world-famous academy for dental ceramics. We create each dental product, carefully combining the knowledge learned from the Kataoka professional and with the professionalism of the Italian dental school . We choose only the highest quality materials, carefully respecting health protocols.

Below you will find the details of all the therapies available to help you choose the ideal solution for your smile. The most frequent therapies are also accompanied by explanatory photos of some of our successful cases.

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Conscious sedation

Sedazione Cosciente Milano

The term conscious sedation refers to a sedation technique that not only reduces pain before and during the dentist's surgery but also acts as an anxiolytic.

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Extraction of wisdom teeth (eighths)

Estrazione dente del giudizio milano

Wisdom teeth (also called eighth or third molars) are an evolutionary remnant that we inherited from our ancestors. Thousands of years ago when our diet was made of raw and very hard foods wisdom teeth were certainly very useful for chewing and shredding.

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Gnathology and Maloccusioni


Gnathology is the relationship between the various elements that make up and affect the oral cavity: we are talking about the relationship between jaws, temporomandibular joint, teeth, muscles and the nerves that control these specific muscles.

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Dental care

igiene-dentale Milano

We dental specialists from the Bracchetti Dental Clinic  take the oral hygiene of our patients seriously. From the youngest to the oldest correct and effective hygiene helps prevent many diseases. This is why it is essential not only to practice it in our studio but also at home!

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Computerized Digital Painless Anesthesia


Anesthesia and syringes are usually perceived by patients as one of the main causes of anxiety and pain associated with dental treatment. Any failure in pain control can jeopardize the continuation of therapy and above all create further suffering and apprehension for the patient.

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Cad-Cam and Internal Ceramic Laboratory


In our internal laboratory at the Bracchetti Dental Practice in Milan we use the most sophisticated and latest generation CAD-CAM equipment to be able to create each customized prosthetic product with speed and precision.

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Official DSD Certified Clinic Digital Smile Design

While some clinics claim to offer digital smile design, only DSD clinics have got their official certification and can guarantee dental treatments that restore health and happiness. Book your appointment to find out what it means to have great dentistry.

Our patients have chosen us for ...

The clinical team lead by Guido and Veronica Bracchetti is committed to this work because they love to take on difficult challenges. They are passionate about doing their job well and prioritize precision and details. They are highly motivated and prepared to exceed expectations and achieve excellent results for patients. This often means they face clinical situations and problems which other dentists have not been able to resolve. The goal of the clinical team is to go beyond patients expectations and give them even better results than what they originally requested.


For our patients from all over Europe, punctuality is of paramount importance.


We make the dentist experience very positive with cutting-edge protocols and technologies

Clinical Cases

Thousands of documented cases to ensure maximum experience even in disaster recovery situations


State-of-the-art diagnostics combined with specialized personnel to achieve excellence in the dental treatments offered


We have qualified personnel to provide logistical support in every phase of the treatment.


The Bracchetti Dental Practice is the reference point for the research and development of the best solutions on the continent

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