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Payment options

Bracchetti Dental Clinic is attentive to all patients needs. This is why we offers the possibility to choose between three different payment methods.

Advanced payment

The most convenient and cost effective payment option. If you wish to pay the total cost at the start of the treatment before the first appointment the office will immediately give you a 5% discount.

The treatments carried out at Studio Bracchetti will have a 5-year guarantee only if the oral hygiene appointments at our practice and the relative periodic checks are respected (every 6 months and every 4 months for periodontal patients). If you choose this payment formula, we will give you an additional guarantee: if there are any unexpected treatments involving the teeth being treated, all related costs are at our expense.

It may rarely happen that you do not need to perform part of the intended cure. In this case, you can choose between requesting the refund of the extra fee paid (by credit note) or leaving it on account for future treatments.


The Bracchetti Office offers you the opportunity to pay for the treatments by financing in 12 months with the financial company Cofidis (Pagodil / Compass), which allows you to defer payments in monthly installments.

If you choose this payment formula, we will reserve you the conditions of absolute favor:

  • Costs of investigation of the practice at our expense
  • Financing interest entirely borne by us or by the patient depending on the amount and duration of the loan
  • Guarantee that any unforeseen treatment involving the teeth being treated in the agreed care plan , will be our responsibility and nothing more is due.

The treatments carried out at the Bracchetti Office will have a 5-year guarantee if the oral hygiene appointments at our studio and the relative periodic checks are respected. (every 6 months and every 4 months for periodontal patients)

The revenue stamp of € 16.00 which is incorporated in the first installment and any collection costs, on which we cannot intervene, remain at your expense.

For the disbursement of the loan, you will be required:

  • identity card
  • tax code
  • bank details
  • document certifying income (pay slip, single model or pension slip)

NB: We remind you that in the case that the patient is over the age of 71 additional guarantees may be required from the financial company.

If you want to take advantage of a loan of more than € 5000 and for a period of more than 12 months, it is possible to implement a loan for 24 months. In this case, the cost of the practice is at our expense, while the interests will be divided equally. The revenue stamp of € 16.00 is always at your expense and is paid together with the 1st installment.

If you wish to take advantage of a payment period exceeding 24 months (for example 3 or more years), the entire cost of the practice and interest will be at your expense. However, the Cofidis company offers excellent conditions.

Payment in three equal installments

The three installments are divided as follows: the first is valid as a down payment and is paid before the first treatment session. The second is paid halfway through treatment. And the third is paid one month before concluding the treatment. In the event of unforeseen treatments, a specific quote will be prepared for you which will be adjusted together with the execution of treatments, subject to acceptance by you.

The treatments carried out at the Bracchetti Clinic will have a 5-year guarantee if the oral hygiene appointments at our studio and the relative periodic checks are respected. (every 6 months and every 4 months for periodontal patients)

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Our patients have chosen us for ...

The clinical team lead by Guido and Veronica Bracchetti is committed to this work because they love to take on difficult challenges. They are passionate about doing their job well and prioritize precision and details. They are highly motivated and prepared to exceed expectations and achieve excellent results for patients. This often means they face clinical situations and problems which other dentists have not been able to resolve. The goal of the clinical team is to go beyond patients expectations and give them even better results than what they originally requested.


For our patients from all over Europe, punctuality is of paramount importance.


We make the dentist experience very positive with cutting-edge protocols and technologies

Clinical Cases

Thousands of documented cases to ensure maximum experience even in disaster recovery situations


State-of-the-art diagnostics combined with specialized personnel to achieve excellence in the dental treatments offered


We have qualified personnel to provide logistical support in every phase of the treatment.


The Bracchetti Dental Practice is the reference point for the research and development of the best solutions on the continent

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