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Orthodontic treatments

We at Studio Bracchetti in Milan are experts in orthodontics for children and adults. We are here to answer any patient questions regarding dental alignment, whether orthodontics is the right choice and which orthodontic system might work best for them. You can use either a traditional fixed appliance or the removable transparent aligners .

Now if you want you can make an appointment at the Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan Request form - Or you can write us on whatsapp and if you want to talk to the secretariat you can do so easily by calling the office by clicking here

Your Orthodontic path

Chirurgia orale Milano

The dental office secretary will be your first contact, by phone or in person. They will make an appointment and ask you to bring x-rays or any clinical documentation you already have.

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Pedodontic orthodontics


In our dental clinic in Milan, we treat both adults and children who wish to align their teeth. While braces are often an aesthetic choice for adults, orthodontic treatments may be necessary for children for reasons related to both growth alterations and impediments to normal eruption of permanent teeth.

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Orthodontics in adults


Often when we think of orthodontics, children and adolescents come to mind. However, one out of three orthodontic cases we treat at the Bracchetti Dental Clinic concerns adult patients.

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Types of orthodontic appliances


If you are a teenager or an adult and are considering orthodontics to straighten your teeth, it is important to know the options available. To choose the right orthodontic appliance you need to consider the complexity and duration of the treatment, your lifestyle and your budget.

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Orthodontics with invisible aligners


It is the most popular method of the moment, everyone talks about and uses it, but the number of actual specialists who are trained to apply it properly can be counted on one hand. We are talking about the Invisalign system, the transparent removable aligners (or aligner) created specifically for the patient which allow you to align the teeth effectively and comfortably.

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Ortho-surgical treatments


Ortho-surgical treatments represent a strong point among the excellence of our dental practice. The professionals of the clinic, all highly qualified and constantly updated on the most advanced treatments, coordinate with the maxillofacial surgeon to set up complex treatment plans for patients who, due to alterations of the face or mouth, have to solve aesthetic or functional problems that require repositioning of the skeletal bases as well as orthodontic treatment.

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Preprosthetic orthodontics

Chirurgia orale Milano

In our clinic, among the various dental specialties always conducted with competence by our team of qualified professionals, pre-prosthetic orthodontics is an excellence.

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Questions and Answers on orthodontics


At the Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan we are experts in orthodontics for children and adults. We are here to answer any questions regarding your smile alignment, whether orthodontics is the right choice for you and which orthodontic system might work best for you.

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Official DSD Certified Clinic Digital Smile Design

While some clinics claim to offer digital smile design, only DSD clinics have got their official certification and can guarantee dental treatments that restore health and happiness. Book your appointment to find out what it means to have great dentistry.

Our patients have chosen us for ...

The clinical team lead by Guido and Veronica Bracchetti is committed to this work because they love to take on difficult challenges. They are passionate about doing their job well and prioritize precision and details. They are highly motivated and prepared to exceed expectations and achieve excellent results for patients. This often means they face clinical situations and problems which other dentists have not been able to resolve. The goal of the clinical team is to go beyond patients expectations and give them even better results than what they originally requested.


For our patients from all over Europe, punctuality is of paramount importance.


We make the dentist experience very positive with cutting-edge protocols and technologies

Clinical Cases

Thousands of documented cases to ensure maximum experience even in disaster recovery situations


State-of-the-art diagnostics combined with specialized personnel to achieve excellence in the dental treatments offered


We have qualified personnel to provide logistical support in every phase of the treatment.


The Bracchetti Dental Practice is the reference point for the research and development of the best solutions on the continent

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