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Fingerprint with Scanner

Impronta digitale con Scanner

Many of us unfortunately know the bad feeling you get while taking a dental impression.

For the uninitiated, by dental impression we mean a method that we dentists use to be able to have a cast of your mouth: this is used for some types of treatments which we will examine later. The traditional procedure involves taking the impression by making a special instrument, called an  impression holder,  adhere to the teeth which is filled with a thick paste. Once this paste has hardened it is extracted and the dental technician will wait to make the cast and study it.

All this wouldn't seem so bad except for the fateful moment when we insert the infamous fingerprint holder in the mouth. This is the procedure that often causes annoyance, so much so that many complain, rightly, that it triggers the gagging reflex precisely because of the strange texture in the mouth and the unpleasant smell.

But that's enough, we'll put an end to your nightmare with a new, more comfortable and simple system. This is the scanner fingerprint .

What is a digital impression with a scanner and how is it done?

The machine used to make the digital impression is called an  intraoral scanner which develops images in 3D. It is a type of camera with a three-dimensional system that takes pictures of objects which are then digitally analyzed. In practice, the tip of the scanner is introduced into the mouth and slid along the two arches. Thanks to a beam of light and cameras that “take pictures” of great quality, the scanner stores information on the mouth to be analyzed . This information is then projected in real time on a monitor in order to allow the specialist to collect data without errors and immediately see the final result.

The problem with the traditional tray system was that very often the result obtained did not accurately reflect reality. In fact, it could happen that when detaching it from the teeth, it chipped, or that in the various steps it changed or air bubbles were created. In short, the "manual" method presented various problems that compromised its accuracy and this also means a waste of time and work that is not highly efficient.

The other problem with the traditional system with impression trays and paste was definitely the waiting time. On average, with a scanner, the fingerprint is made at least 20 minutes faster. This is a huge advantage particularly with children, who may already unwillingly sit in the armchair and have to endure this "invasion" for a long time.

Additionally, if there are any errors during the process, the scanner will let us know immediately on the screen.  So, while you are still sitting, we can correct the errors without taking too long.

In many dental practices the tray method is still widely used, while at the Bracchetti Dental Clinic we want to do a good job to guarantee the patient maximum comfort but also the best treatment.

After taking the digital impression with the intraoral scanner, which we ensure is non-invasive unlike the old method, we send all the material obtained to the dental laboratory, so that the cast can be created without imperfections. This accurate digital impression allows us to better remedy cases of malocclusion (i.e. an altered closure of the two dental arches and therefore an alignment that does not conform to how it should be), mobile dental prosthesis (the orthodontic appliances therefore), in the case of aesthetic dentistry interventions (therefore aesthetic interventions on the arches), and finally for the construction of dentures.

The advantages of a scanner impression

In summary, the fingerprint with scanner offers numerous advantages:

  • It is not an invasive procedure: you will not notice this tool.  It will do its duty without unpleasant smells or filling your mouth with paste. No discomfort for you and more peace of mind for us!
  • It's fast! It is a matter of running the machine and in real time you have the results, no more waiting for the paste to harden.  The model is sent by e-mail, therefore no time or additional cost for shipping.
  • Extremely accurate!  If a data is not recorded just review it or correct the errors, without necessarily having to redo the procedure
  • No price changes: will this procedure cost more? Absolutely not.

In the Bracchetti Dental Clinic  we do everything to allow you maximum serenity during the sessions and to guarantee you a beautiful smile right away!

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