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UA healthy and beautiful smile is an extremely important asset for a person. It's a sign of self-esteem, beauty, well-being, and success. And this is even more crucial in a city like Milan, always at the forefront of fashion, modernity, technology, and lifestyle, where time and quality are its pillars.

That's why Sorriso Milano was born, the first method for smile enhancement that guarantees maximum quality, respect for patient privacy and time, and where treatments are not just "simple cures" but an experience to be lived from start to finish.

Since 1930, three generations of dentists from the Bracchetti family have served Milan. Sorriso Milano is a product of this Milanese family, with Dr. Guido specializing in Prosthodontics and Periodontology in the USA, and Dr. Veronica specializing in Orthodontics.

Specialization allows us to focus our attention and all our experience to provide you with precise, effective, long-lasting, and minimally invasive treatments.

For those who want to improve the shape, position, and color of their teeth and seek not only long-lasting solutions but also a unique experience with a staff that takes care of them and their needs while creating a customized smile, Sorriso Milano may be the answer.

The "unliked" smile may have four main issues, apart from any missing teeth.

  1. Color, which can be improved through professional whitening without damaging the teeth.
  2. Position, which can be corrected using invisible aligners that realign the teeth discreetly.
  3. Shape or a combination of shape, position, and color, for which composites, veneers, and ceramic rehabilitations are typically the preferred solutions.
  4. Gum (soft tissue) and supporting bone (hard tissue) issues, such as "long" teeth or recessions, which can be corrected through minor gum and/or bone interventions.

Building a quality, perfectly integrated smile that complements the patient's face and meets their needs and expectations is a challenging and artistic process. The "smile artisans," the dental ceramists, sculpt and create ceramic teeth, be it veneers or crowns.

Sometimes, however, a beautiful smile is not enough to complete a global picture of the naturalness of the face; it may in fact happen that the restoration of a smile, even though it has been carried out with the best bio-physiological adaptation, has an inadequate appearance caused by the impoverishment of the trophism of the perioral and face soft tissues, such as accentuated folds or wrinkles, discolorations and laxity, factors which, when corrected in a conscious and harmonious way, reinforce and improve the aesthetic dental result already achieved.

Today, in fact, to complete our aesthetic smile rehabilitation project, Studio Bracchetti has added an entire space dedicated to anti-aging of the face and Aesthetic Medicine, bringing together a pool of specialists with consolidated experience who make SorrisoMilano a point of reference avant-garde medical outpatient clinic, particularly in the field of anti-aging medicine and regenerative medicine.

The specialist skills and professionalism are combined with the most modern and advanced technological supports of Aesthetic Medicine, in order to guarantee excellent results, one of these is the anti-aging treatment with the laser, already used in our Studio for the Non-Surgical Treatment of Periodontitis

Sorriso Milano required years of study, successful treatment of thousands of patients, and investment in advanced technologies and an in-house laboratory with an expert ceramist. Quality is never accidental; it's always the result of targeted efforts and a well-defined process. This effort requires time and resources, so if cost is the sole deciding factor, Sorriso Milano may not be suitable.

Thanks to all this, we develop a personalized relationship with each patient and can help address every functional and aesthetic detail to achieve the desired smile, using tools, equipment, and protocols like the Digital Smile Design (DSD), a cutting-edge and highly technological approach to aesthetic dentistry.

The DSD allows for personalized dental treatments, such as implants, veneers, and orthodontics, with highly effective results. Studio Bracchetti in Milan is at the forefront of this field, known for implementing the SorrisoMilano® protocol and being an Official Certified Clinic by Digital Smile Design from Christian Coachman. Unlike other dental studies that promise two-dimensional smile planning, DSD is the only method capable of accurately overlaying various three-dimensional files, such as intraoral teeth scans, TAC/CBCT of dental arches, facial scans, etc.

The Digital Smile Design relies on advanced digital technologies that not only create a three-dimensional simulation of the patient's smile but also integrate it seamlessly based on facial characteristics, lip features, oral muscle mobility, allowing specialists to plan the optimal treatment precisely and in detail for each specific case, ensuring that the final result matches the planning precisely. This personalized approach is vital for achieving superior aesthetic results and ensuring optimal functionality in dental treatments.

A distinguishing aspect of Studio Bracchetti in Milan is the adoption of the SorrisoMilano® protocol, an integration of Digital Smile Design and a further refinement of smile aesthetic planning techniques. This protocol involves a rigorous analysis of the patient's facial characteristics, including factors like facial shape, symmetry, lip proportions, and tooth color. The result is a smile that harmonizes completely with the patient's aesthetics, perfectly aligned with their unique features.

The benefits of choosing a qualified and certified studio like Studio Bracchetti in Milan, an Official DSD Certified Clinic, are numerous:

  1. Precision and Personalization: Thanks to digital technology, exclusive DSD solutions, and the SorrisoMilano® protocol, the treatment plan is extremely accurate and tailored to the patient's needs and desires, resulting in highly personalized and satisfying outcomes.
  2. Effective Communication: DSD allows patients to visualize and try out different mock-ups of the final treatment in their mouth before it is actually performed. This facilitates communication between the patient and the specialist, enabling them to share expectations and make informed decisions, and most importantly, achieve results that match the planning precisely.
  3. Enhanced Patient Experience: Studio Bracchetti in Milan is committed to providing a comfortable and welcoming environment where patients feel listened to and supported throughout their treatment journey.
  4. State-of-the-Art Technologies: As an Official Certified Clinic by Digital Smile Design, Studio Bracchetti utilizes the most advanced technologies and high-quality materials to ensure safe and effective treatments.
  5. Superior Aesthetic Results: DSD and the SorrisoMilano® protocol enable superior aesthetic results, with natural and harmonious smiles that significantly enhance the patient's appearance.

In conclusion, Digital Smile Design is a revolutionary methodology that has transformed the way we perceive aesthetic dentistry. Studio Bracchetti in Milan, with the SorrisoMilano® protocol and Official DSD Certified Clinic status, stands as a reference in this field, offering highly personalized treatments and superior aesthetic results. Turning to a qualified and advanced studio is essential to achieve a beautiful and healthy smile that fully reflects the unique beauty of each individual.

Here are the 5 steps of Sorriso Milano to build your smile:

  1. First Visit: It all begins with a comprehensive and accurate specialist consultation to understand your exact situation, especially your needs and expectations. Photos, microscopic evaluations to highlight every detail, and possibly digital scans will be taken, which are simple and non-invasive.

  2. Treatment Preparation: Once the plan is approved, preparation procedures such as cleaning with polishing, additional diagnostic investigations, or other necessary treatments will be performed. Everything will be tailored to your needs, and we'll strive to make the sessions as pleasant as possible through our customer care services.

  3. Treatment: Depending on the custom-made plan, we'll proceed with the Sorriso Milano treatment! In the case of prosthetic rehabilitations, our ceramists will handcraft and personalize your teeth in our fitting room to meticulously refine the color and shape of your new teeth.

  4. Smile Delivery: The big day has come for the delivery of your new smile! The journey is complete, and it's time to celebrate and show off your new Sorriso Milano smile!

  5. The smile doesn't end here, thanks to the 5-year extended warranty on all the work if you maintain the periodic maintenance program.

All this, not forgetting:

  • Maximum respect for your time with personalized appointments and the fastest possible processes.
  • Utmost privacy.
  • Concierge service to simplify access to care and ensure the most enjoyable experience.
  • Flexible payment options.
  • In case of any issues anywhere in the world, thanks to our network of contacts, you'll find support and quick resolution.

This and more is Sorriso Milano. And if you've ever thought of changing or improving your smile, you should schedule a visit to Studio Bracchetti to see if the Sorriso Milano method is right for you!

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Official DSD Certified Clinic Digital Smile Design

While some clinics claim to offer digital smile design, only DSD clinics have got their official certification and can guarantee dental treatments that restore health and happiness. Book your appointment to find out what it means to have great dentistry.

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