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Aesthetic prosthetic reconstruction


The philosophy of the Bracchetti Dental Clinic is primarily the search for patient well-being.  That's why, after a visit with us, the first thing we will report will be any caries or inflammatory processes. But no less important, a check on whether or not functional and aesthetic reconstructions are necessary, fundamental for the patient's physical and mental well-being.

In fact, reconstructions may be necessary for various reasons, and depending on the case we will decide how to intervene.

Function remains the primary and fundamental aspect, but aesthetics are extremely important since a beautiful smile is also a healthy smile, and it is essential for relating to others. This is why it is important to rely on specialists in the sector like us from the Bracchetti Clinic in Milan- three generations of dentists who have always been motivated by the desire to solve the patient's needs and to know the latest techniques.

Dental aesthetics deals with all those elements that contribute to the beauty of the patient's smile and face.  Therefore, not only the teeth, but also the lips, gums, and the bone structure of the jaw. This means that when it comes to dental aesthetics, a wide range of services are included that also touch very different fields of medicine.

As far as aesthetic reconstruction is concerned, it refers to the reconstruction of a tooth or of several teeth which, due to an injury or due to the degeneration of a pathology, have lost their original characteristics, or even to a correction of the smile of a mainly aesthetic nature, modifying its color, shape or position in an extremely conservative way. Seeing aesthetic defects due to a missing space in the teeth, or a strong discoloration, especially in the case of anterior teeth, can cause great inconvenience, which is why it is advisable to intervene as soon as possible.

With modern techniques it is possible to solve these problems, with extremely aesthetic solutions, the important thing is to rely on specialized doctors like the collaborators of the Bracchetti Dental Clinic.

Aesthetic reconstruction must respond to the need, always held in high regard by our clinic, of a conservative purpose of the teeth. Where once it was preferred to file the teeth by sacrificing the enamel or even extract it, we always choose to invest time and resources to preserve the structure of the tooth.

To be precise, the aesthetic reconstruction can be of a direct nature, in the sense that one intervenes directly on the residual dental tissue, carefully prepared; or of an indirect nature, in the sense that we use a specially created product in the laboratory, which is then applied to the tooth.

The composite fillings, both for the anterior and posterior teeth, the composite and porcelain inlays, the reconstruction of fractured teeth < / strong>, up to overlays and entirely ceramic crowns.

Very often aesthetic reconstructions are necessary not due to trauma, but because poorly done old reconstructions are infiltrated by bacteria, have turned gray, and create imperfections.

In these cases it is good to seek a prosthesis and conservative specialist as soon as possible because a situation of this type can also lead to compromising the remaining healthy tissue, causing various symptoms such as sensitivity and pain and even damage to the nervous tissue of the tooth.

Often, without necessarily resorting to orthodontics, numerous imperfections can be easily corrected to make the smile flawless.

Thanks to the intervention of a specialist, it will be possible to obtain:

  • A more beautiful smile
  • A smile that is harmonious with the rest of the face
  • Greater security in social relations
  • A guaranteed result over time

Before the aesthetic reconstruction surgery, on the basis of photographs of your mouth and impressions and models made with a intraoral scanner, a planning of the interventions to be carried out is created. At this stage it is very important to choose the right materials and techniques in order to obtain an effect as realistic as possible. Once this is established, we proceed to rebuild.

  • We will seat you in the chair and a light local anesthesia will be placed with our painless computerized anesthesia.
  • The teeth to be treated are isolated with a special rubber dam, which is essential to obtain a more aesthetic and lasting result. The tooth is then prepared by removing the decayed or chipped tissue.
  • The prosthetic material chosen is then applied directly or indirectly. The application is totally safe and fast, and the rubber dam protects against ingestion of harmful materials.
  • The composite is irradiated by light which completes the hardening process.
  • Finally, the occlusal contacts are checked to obtain harmony with all existing teeth, and then we move on to finishing and polishing for an aesthetically pleasing and long lasting result.

We would like to inform you of the most important steps of our work, to make you understand how it is possible to achieve excellent results with ease, but all this requires a lot of preparation.

In the Bracchetti Dental Clinic in Milan we aim for maximum comfort for each patient, and we take care that each of our patients has the best treatment at the lowest possible cost. Very often the problems that an imperfect smile causes are underestimated, and we are not referring only to health damage, but a beautiful smile very often helps one to face life better.

Let us take care of your smile. Call our office today and make an appointment and we will show you the best solutions for you without any commitment.

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