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Periodontology under the microscope

You may have seen dentists in your life who use magnifying glasses, such as Galileans or prismatics. We need these for more accurate work and more precise diagnoses, yet for the dentists at the Bracchetti Clinic, these tools are often not enough.

This is why we invest in new technologies and utilize the dental microscope .

The oral cavity is a small space with very limited access and, while magnifying glasses help, they are not suited for all clinical situations. We believe that investing in new technologies not only facilitates our work, but also allows us to give the care and quality our patients deserve.

The dental microscope is used on numerous occasions both for diagnosis and for treatment. 

Why is the microscope important in dentistry and how it is used?

The microscope used in dentistry is called a  dental microscope or sometimes an  operative.  We often use it both in the diagnosis phase and during treatment.

Whatever the clinical problem to be solved some types of mouthes have points with reduced visibility and difficult access. For example, cheeks with more developed muscles, or limited opening, or teeth that are badly positioned.  These create situations where we cannot see every aspect of the mouth in an optimal way.

This can be the case of teeth with caries, micro fractures, or all those problems that are difficult to identify with the naked eye or with magnifying glasses.  If not diagnosed and resolved early they can lead to consequences that require more invasive treatment

Precisely for this reason a dental microscope is essential in the working life of a dentist. It ensures our patients receive professional and high quality service. Thanks to the operating microscope magnification is possible up to 20 or 30 times. So you can imagine how much more precision you can get compared to traditional magnifying systems that hardly reach 4 magnifications.

Not only in the diagnosis phase, but also in the care and preparation of prostheses being able to see in detail allows for much more accurate treatments.

Endodontics under the microscope

Endodontics is the branch of dentistry that deals with the care of the inside of the tooth.  Specifically the pulp chamber and canals.

In cases of deep caries, calcified canals, perforations, and broken instruments left in the canals from previous operations; treating a tooth optimally with the naked eye is almost impossible.

For this reason the use of a microscope that is able to see the smallest details is essential to carry out our work and allow us to solve these complex clinical situations.

Periodontology and under the microscope

Periodontology is the branch of dentistry that deals with the treatment of pathologies affecting the periodontium; the set of bones, gums and mucous membranes that allow the tooth to remain anchored to the maxillary and mandibular bones.

Periodontitis, formerly called pyorrhea, is a subtle disease. The more it progresses into advanced stages, the more difficult it is to cure.

Using the microscope in periodontitis treatments allows us to deep clean and to eliminate the plaque and tartar present inside the periodontal pockets with precision.

Use of the microscope in prosthetics and in the dental laboratory.

The prosthetic products must be made with extreme precision. We can control the quality of all prosthesis manufacturing processes in our internal laboratory where our dental technicians and ceramists use the microscope every day.

Nevertheless, the preparation of the tooth by the dentist (the phase in which caries are removed and the tooth surface is adapted to receive future prosthetic products such as veneers, crowns, inlays, bridges, etc.) is a fundamental and complex phase that can be completed with much more precision with a microscope .

The realization of a prosthesis is a phase that requires great accuracy, meticulousness, and precision. Every detail is essential to make the product precise and effective for its function and future durability.

The microscope helps us to do just that, to create customized and highly precise prostheses for you.

The same applies to periodontal interventions, which must be carried out precisely to ensure maximum safety for the patient.

Other areas of application

The microscope can be used in any field of dentistry. Whenever precision is needed and there is a need to see better, we use it.

Whether for surgery, to remove caries, or to manage reconstructions with aesthetic veneers, being able to work with a microscope at high magnifications is a great advantage and increases the final quality of dental procedures.

We decide to invest in new innovative technologies and new instruments to guarantee the best for our patients .


At the Bracchetti Clinic we do everything we can to optimize the quality of our work.  This includes the smallest details so that we can take the best possible care of our patients. 

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